My Approach

My approach is eclectic and tailored to suit you and your goals. I am active and compassionate  in our sessions; I ask a lot of questions and encourage you to stretch and use your strengths.

I draw from mindfulness-based , cognitive-behavioral , and self-compassionate approaches as well as exploration into whether writing, reading, creativity, laughter, and other therapeutic philosophies can help you.

You are best-served by a holistic approach in which we look at how your personal environment and health practices affect your well-being.  In our work together, you can see that you have choices you might have felt you didn't.

My background may be quite different from yours, and I strive to honor your experiences.  Please let me know how best to help you.

Currently, I work with individuals and couples age 21- senior.

It's important for you to feel secure that your therapist is qualified to work with you.
  • I earned my Master of Social Work degree from UT-Austin in 1995. I've had Advanced Clinical Practitioner certification since 1999, when I went into private practice, specializing in "talk" therapy and writing therapy. I do continuing education to stay informed.
  •  Before I went into full-time private practice in 2001, my work as a therapist included (in reverse chronological order): 
  •  (1)Jewish Family Service, as a therapist for people who are elderly and/or differently abled
  •  (2) Integrated Mental Health/Austin Regional Clinic Mental Health, as a therapist for individual, couples, family, and groups.
  •  (3) St. David's Pavilion, a psychiatric hospital, where I was the lead therapist for both the Eating Disorder Program and the Adult Intensive Outpatient Program.
  • I completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Fiction Writing at the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and I've taught writing and literature at the college level. My background led me to develop and facilitate Writing to Heal workshops.  (My writing-therapy work has been cited in articles in the U.S. and U.K. )

Please email if you have any questions: